Folk Plus Saturday October 9, 1999

Pre-Columbus Day with a look at Indians, War and Peace

1.  Conquistador - Victoria Parks
      Sure Feels Like Home - 262 Danhurst Rd Columbus, Ohio 43228
    “in 1492 he sailed the ocean blue,
      at least this part of history is ture"

You may want to read The Peoples' History of the United States
by Howard Zinn - excerpts form journals of the time.
If you are interested about Indian affairs currently you may want to
subscribe to “Above the 50th parellel”

2.   My Country Tis of Thy People You’re Dying - Buffy St.-Marie
      Little Wheel Spin and Spin - Vanguard
     “Blankets for land is a bargain indeed” (...collected from diseased and dead whites)

“My point in the song is that the American people haven’t been given a fair shake at learning the true history of the American Indian. They know neither the state of poverty that the Indians are in nor how it got to be that way. I try to tell the side of the story that’s left out of the history books, that can only be found in the documents, the archives and in the memories of the Indians themselves.” - Buffy St.-Marie

3.   Sequoyah - Carol Elliott
      The People I Meet - 1 800 Buy-Mycd
      Heartsong Rec. POBox 92075 Nashville TN 37209
    “Oh poor white man you don’t understand
      Words on paper don’t make you own this land”

4.   Adam Rude - Robin and Linda Williams
      Robin and Linda Williams - Flashlight Records
      “They sent me to Fort Riley to fight the Indian”
       Adam Rude, a government appointee “lines his brother's pockets
       and his own with Indian gold”

5.   Sleeping Buffalo - Garnet Rogers
      Small Victories -
     “Some ancient hand had chisled markings”

6.   When the Buffalo Come Back - Dave Crossland
      Molly’s Street -
     “You come murdering in greed”

7.   Gatlinburg - Andrew McNight
      Traveler - Falling Mountain Music
      A song remembering the people who displaced the Cherokees and were subsequently
      displaced themselves by the Federal Gov't in 1921.
     “paved over by a strip mall with a smokey mountain name”

8.   Stone by Stone - Lui Collins
      Stone by Stone
     “what was divided now shall unite”

How about war in general:

9.    Gulf War Song - Moxy Fruvous
       Bargainville - Atlantic
       “What makes a person so poisonous righteous”

10.   Fragile Peace - Mike Silver
        Heartland -
       “You can’t fix it with oil and grease”

11.   Lives in the Balance - Jackson Browne
        Lives in the Balance - Electra Asylum
       “ a government lies to its people”
        “they can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are"

12.   American Redux - Hugh Blumenfeld
        Barehanded - 1 800 primecd
        “I’ve seen the price of my sweet liberty”

Are we told who to hate?

13.    Think Again - Dick Gaughin
         Different Kind of Love Song -
        “Do you think that the Russians want war?”
       “Can we not find a way to peacefully settle our difference”

If we can’t make attempts to find peaceful solutions as Gaughin begs
what kind of example do we give?

14.  Kids with Guns - Deborah Holland
        Book Of Survival -
       “It's hard to tell the good guys from the bad”

15.   Calling on Love - Paul Kamm/Eleanore MacDonald
         Calling on Love -
        “Calling on Love...come rescue us”

16.    Stir Up Your Power - Bob Franke
          For Real -
        “Stir up you power oh lord, and restore our weary souls”

17. Give Light - Magpie
         Give Light - Sliced Bread Records
        “teach peace and people will find the way”

18.    Prayer for the Warriors - Chant
        “will warriers find peace within and the wars of the nation end

Inner peace first:

19.    Who Do You Love - (by Julie Snow) Lui Collins
         Baptism of Fire -
        “take a step across the divide”

20 .   Why I’m Here in this world - (J.Mankita) Nancy Tucker
          Treasures From The Attic - Box 186 Bloomfield,CT 06002

         “remember who I am”

21.    Live Like A Prayer - (Ellen Klaver) Magpie
         Seed on the Prairie - Long Tail rec.

          With a native flute and drum for protection

22.    With Two Wings - Red Grammer
         Teaching Peace -
          "When we learn to work together then the dove of peace can fly"

23.     Love One Another - Mindy Jostyn
          In His Eyes - 1 888 Mjo-Styn Moonboy Rec.

        “love is dawning over every nation bringing
          peace on earth good wil to men" "love alone is power."