When Can Hydro Power Be Produced?

May 5

Hydroelectric power produces safe, clean energy that has a low impact on the environment, but it is also dependent on the weather. Hydroelectricity can be produced most of the year, but during hot summer droughts, when there is little water in the lake, the turbines must be turned off to avoid draining the lake too low. Though too little water can be a problem, too much water can also stop the production of electricity. Very high water and flooding is dangerous, as the hydro facility, which sits below the residential portion of the powerhouse and very close to the flowing water of Callicoon Creek, may be flooded. If the electrical components are in danger of being flooded, all equipment is turned off and power production stops. At these times – and at times of drought – the house and radio station go back on the grid and use power from the New York State Electric and Gas.


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