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Bodhi means “awakening” and Bodhi Talk helps listeners awaken to their higher selves. Wake up with host Doug Bill for spiritual and philosophical wellness every Saturday Morning at 6. Namaste.

Bodhi Talk Is Back !

People have been returning to the original Woodstock site in Bethel for 50 years. Festival veterans could look at the grassy field and remember what it was like. Everyone else had to scratch their heads and try to imagine it. Now they’ll have help: The Museum at Bethel Woods just […]

Listen: Woodstock Augmented Reality

It’s been 9 weeks since WJFF last checked in with Pike County during the news. How have they been doing? Any serious upticks in COVID cases? Any problems anticipated for voting? Matt Osterberg, Chairman of the Pike County Commissioners, tells us things have been going good, no serious upticks, and […]

Listen: Pike County COVID-19 Update