Daily Archives: September 12, 2020

Radio Catskill is proud to welcome the Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning writer and director of “Gasland,” Josh Fox, to our airwaves. Staying Home with Josh Fox features progressive conversations with notable guests around the coronavirus crisis, social justice, the environment, and the Green New Deal. For Fox, it’s all about justice. […]

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The Mamakating Environmental Education & Interpretive Center is holding a monarch tagging session, but don’t bring in any royals you may have laying around that need labeling. They’re talking about monarch butterflies and it’s pretty serious. The butterfly’s population is down due to loss of habitat. Tagging sessions like these […]

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Lake Jefferson (just Lake Jeff to its friends) was created nearly 100 years ago when a dam was built with the idea of making hydro-electricity. It took 60 years for that dream to eventually come true. But now, the dam is in need of serious (and expensive) repairs. Save Lake […]

Listen: Raphael Rosenbaum and Meaghan Mullally – Save Lake Jeff