Daily Archives: November 7, 2020

(NOV 6) We (finally) take a break from the election to talk about art & culture. This weekend, The Roxbury Arts Group is launching an outdoor self-guided walking art exhibition in the Village of Stamford, and they’ve got good weather for it too. Executive Director Jenny Rosenzweig tells us all […]

Listen: Roxbury Arts Group walking tour, art in a pandemic

  (NOV 6) More post-election conversation, this time with Ed Gragert from Delaware Valley Action. The non-partisan resistance group formed after the 2016 election to promote progressive issues and support the candidates that support justice, respect, equality, healthcare, education, and other values. Gragert says their efforts in Pike County, PA […]

Listen: Post-election conversation with Ed Gragert, Delaware Valley Action

(NOV 6) Our post-election coverage continues with reactions from the community on both the results and the lack of results. We spoke to Janus Adams, host of the Janus Adams Show, a conversation on race and courage, which airs on Radio Catskill Saturdays at noon. Janus says she’s just about […]

Listen: Post-election coverage: Chat with Janus Adams