Daily Archives: December 3, 2020

River Reporter
Owen Walsh of the River Reporter updates us on the latest news from Pennsylvania. COVID numbers are on the rise. Governor Tom Wolf has vetoed a COVID-19 civil liability protections bill. And the Governor is facing harsh criticism from PA lawmakers but –switcheroo!—this time it’s from Democrats in the legislature […]

The River Reporter’s Owen Walsh on PA Covid Numbers and ...

Tis’ the season…hunting season. Deer hunting season for rifles continues until December 13, and muzzle-loader season continues nine days past that. Jeremy Hurst, Big Game Biologist for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) explains how non-hunters can be safe as shots ring out in the woods, how […]

Deer Hunting Safety Tips from Jeremy Hurst, NYS DEC

Nearly ONE THIRD of all local businesses have closed in New York this year, due largely to the pandemic. James B Huntington explains the numbers, where they come from, and what they mean. Plus, where did that money designed to keep small businesses from closing go? Plus, James has been […]

Listen: James B. Huntington’s Work Shift – Business Closures ...