Confused about the upcoming Primary and Special Election on Aug 23? Here’s Radio Catskill Election Information

Confused about the upcoming Primary and Special election on Aug 23? Here’s Radio Catskill Election Information

by: Jason Dole



August Twenty-Third is an election day in New York State. There are primaries and in New York’s Nineteenth Congressional District, there is a special election.  

Voters in NY-19 may be confused about this election day, and that’s understandable. Depending on their location and party affiliation, some voters will be voting for two separate candidates to represent the same district on the same day.

How did this happen? 

First, congressional maps were re-drawn in New York State following the census. Then, they were re-drawn again at the order of the State Supreme Court, which ruled state Democrats unfairly drew districts for their own benefit. 

On top of that, New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin resigned in April after being arrested on bribery and other campaign finance charges. This led to NY-19 losing its Representative when Antonio Delgado was picked to be Lieutenant Governor, leaving the Nineteenth unrepresented since May.

So, on August Twenty-Third, voters of all parties will choose a representative to fill that empty seat in a special election. Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro is running on the Republican and Conservative Party lines, and Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan is running on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines.
The winner will hold office until the end of the year.  

The Twenty-Third is also a primary day, and the primaries vary based on location and political party. In places in the newly re-redrawn Nineteenth District, Democratic voters are choosing a candidate to face the Republican candidate in the November Eighth general election.

That race is for the “new” NY-19, while the special election is for the current NY-19. In January, the district will change from the old to the new one. All of Sullivan, Delaware, Greene, and Columbia counties are currently in the Nineteenth District and will remain in NY-19, with other counties and parts of counties also being added or removed.

So, again, there are primaries on August Twenty-Third AND a special election to fill the vacancy in the current Nineteenth District until the end of the year. 

Meanwhile, the race to represent the new Nineteenth district is underway, with one of the Primaries on Tuesday selecting a Democratic candidate who will face the Republican candidate in that race on Election Day in November. The winner takes office in January.

If you have any questions about your congressional district and candidates running in your area on August Twenty-Third, check with your local board of elections.


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2 thoughts on “Confused about the upcoming Primary and Special Election on Aug 23? Here’s Radio Catskill Election Information

  • Susanne Wolff

    Thank you for having a slot for local news. Mr. Reisinger had in the past a Monday night broadcast addressing local and regional concerns with incisive interviews. With very important elections coming up, please devote some more time to clarify the confusion about the voting districts affecting your listeners. It would be most wonderful if the candidates got air time to represent their agenda. Mr. Reisinger had a way to tease out candidates’ views on issues of local, regional, national and also international import on which sooner or later they would have to vote if elected.

    • Tim Bruno

      Thank you for the feedback, Susanne. As the election season continues, we plan more coverage to keep our listeners informed. We have invited all local candidates to appear on-air. And this Saturday at 10am,we are scheduled to broadcast a NY19 Congressional Candidate Forum hosted by The Delaware County Chamber, in collaboration with the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, with a question and answer session featuring Republican candidate Marcus Molinaro and Democratic candidate Patrick Ryan who are vying to fill a vacancy created by the appointment of former Congressman Antonio Delgado as New York’s Lieutenant Governor.
      Take care-
      Tim Bruno, General Manager