Make a Gift of Stock

Please contact Mimi Bradley, Development Manager, before making a transfer: mimi@wjffradio.org

Stock  or Cash Transfers to Radio Catskill are directed to:

Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan

Stock or Cash Transfer to Wilmington Trust

M&T/WT Account #: 135766-000
M&T/WT Account Name: Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan
Attention: Christopher Young

Depository Trust Company (DTC) – Eligible Assets
Participant #990 – Manufacturers & Traders Trust Company (M&T Bank)
M&T/WT Account#: 135766-000
Agent ID #26668
Institutional ID #26667 (if M&T/WT Affirms)
Advisors ID#____ (if IM Affirm)

Kindly advise once transfer has been initiated, confirm name and amount of shares so CFOS may watch for deposit.