Interim Station Manager: Andrea Nero Eddings
Program Director: Jason Dole
Administrative Assistant: Kimberly Ferstler

WJFF Board of Trustees

Pat Pomeroy, President
Jim Lomax, Vice President
Thane Peterson, Vice President
Kit Hulit, Secretary
Ken Hilton, Treasurer
Tim Bruno, Dante DeLeo, Kathy Geary, Martin Higgins, Leila McCullough, Kevin McDaniel, John Nordstrom, Angela Page, Martin Springhetti

The Board of Trustees of WJFF Radio Catskill usually meets on the third Wednesday of every month (watch the WJFF website for specific dates). Meeting are held at the second floor of the Jeffersonville Village Hall on Center St. and begin at 6:30 pm. Meetings are open to the public (except for executive sessions) and time is provided for public discussion. For further information, call 845/482-4141 or send email to

Minutes, videos and audio recordings from WJFF’s Board of Trustees meetings can be found here.

CPB Communications Act Compliance

Additional information, including WJFF’s most recent Station Activity Survey (SAS), most current IRS 990, information on obtaining copies of WJFF’s Annual Financial Reports and the station’s policies regarding open meetings, open financial records, CAB, EEO as well as donor list and political activities requirements can be found here.

Executive Committee

Members: Patricia Pomeroy, president; Thane Peterson, Vice-president; Jim Lomax, vice-President; Ken Hilton, treasurer; Kit Hulit, secretary

Minutes from WJFF’s Executive Committee can be found here.

Nominating and Governance Committee

Members: Tim Bruno, Barbara Demarest, Kathy Geary, John Nordstrom, Pat Pomeroy

Minutes from WJFF’s Nominating and Governance Committee can be found here.

Finance Committee

Members: Kathy Geary, Ken Hilton, Anne Larsen, Jim Lomax, Thane Peterson

Minutes from WJFF’s Finance Committee can be found here.

Audit Committee

Members: John Bachman, Kit Hulit, Martin Springhetti

Minutes from WJFF’s Audit Committee can be found here.

Personnel Committee

Members: Tim Bruno, Tasa Faronii-Butler, Kit Hulit, Thane Peterson

Minutes, video and audio recordings from Personnel Committee meetings can be found here.

Development and Community Outreach Committee

Members: Tasa Faronii-Butler, Kathy Geary, Ken Hilton, Anne Larsen, Jim Lomax, Pat Pomeroy, Martin Higgins

Minutes, video and audio recordings from DCOC meetings can be found here.


Facilities and Operations Committee

Members: Barbara Demarest, Kevin Gref, John Nordstrom, Pat Pomeroy, Martin Springhetti, Steve Richter, Dick Riseling

Minutes from WJFF’s Facilities Committee can be found here.

Proposed Policy Changes

Information on proposed policies and changes to existing WJFF Policies can be found here.

The WJFF Program Committee

Valerie Mansi, chair
Mary Hall, secretary
Nick Forte, Judy Rosen

The Program Committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees to act with the Station Manager in determining WJFF’s programming. The committee meets monthly to review new network programs and program proposals submitted by volunteers. It also arranges WJFF’s weekly schedule and reviews existing local programs in an annual program review.  For further information email

Minutes from Program Committee meetings can be found here.

Development and Community Outreach Committee

Minutes from WJFF’s Development and Community Outreach Committee (DCOC) can be found here.

The Community Advisory Board


Sheila Dugan, Judy Heinle, Sandra Oxford, Larry Ravdin, Linda Reik, Lydia Rolle, Gloria Sims

The Community Advisory Board is comprised of members of the community who meet regularly to advise WJFF’s Board of Trustees on how the station might best serve its listeners. Its members are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The group is diverse, with members drawn from different segments of the community. CAB members are encouraged to seek out the views of the community at large and to use those views in providing guidance to the Board of Trustees. The CAB is charged with reviewing the station’s programming goals, the community service provided, and significant policy decisions made by the station. It also advises the Board of Trustees with respect to whether the station is meeting the community’s cultural and educational needs. The CAB is an advisory board only. The Community Advisory Board can be contacted by calling WJFF or by email at:

Approved minutes from CAB meetings can be found here.

Mission Statement

WJFF is a non-commercial educational radio broadcaster whose mission is to make available to its community a broad range of ideas and ideals useful to a full and enlightened life. It also aims to involve the community in preserving and transmitting the community’s cultural heritage and artistic expressions in addition to those of the global community and to promote understanding among people of diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

Click Here to view or download the Radio Catskill by-laws (Adobe Acrobat .pdf format).

Click here to view or download the Radio Catskill conflict of interest policy (Adobe Acrobat .pdf format).

Vision Statement

To connect, reflect and involve diverse communities through enlightening, informative and entertaining content.

Music Programming

WJFF accepts cds from labels and musicians for consideration for airplay. Packages can be sent to: Music Director, WJFF Radio Catskill, P.O. Box 546, Jeffersonville, NY 12748. The physical address for UPS, etc. is: 4765 State Rt. 52, Jeffersonville, NY 12748.

WJFF On Cable

Time Warner Cable Digital subscribers can tune in to WJFF on Channel 1959. Margaretville cable also offers WJFF to it’s subscribers—by connecting your cable to your stereo’s antenna connection, you can tune in WJFF at our 90.5 frequency.