WJFF Radio Catskill is an independent community voice of the Catskills and Northeast Pennsylvania. We connect listeners through locally focused and globally aware programming to inform, entertain, and inspire our communities, and promote understanding among people of diverse social, cultural, economic, and political backgrounds.


Radio Catskill is committed to these core values to carry out its mission.

Compassion and Inclusivity

  • We believe that communities of neighbors, listeners, volunteers, and staff can be better when we come together. We support each other, participate in good faith, listen with care, make space for others, and deliver honest feedback.
  • We achieve more and are more successful in serving our communities when we are inclusive, open, and welcoming.
  • We believe in equity and inclusion in the stories we tell and how we treat each other. We invest in our people and help them chart their way. We have courageous conversations.

Curiosity and Creativity

  • We seek to foster the search for the truth, grounded in facts.  We explore and explain the “why” to our audience.
  • Creativity and the arts are vital to our communities and the hallmark of our service. Our programming celebrates the power of music and culture to enrich our lives.

Stewardship and Sustainability

  • We have a long history of environmental stewardship and commitment to renewable energy.
  • We are dedicated to protecting and celebrating our precious rivers, forests, farms, and mountains.



Diversity is central to Radio Catskill. Compassion and inclusivity are among our core values. We believe in equity and inclusion in the stories we broadcast and how we treat each other.

All forms of diversity and the absence of any forms of discrimination are important to Radio Catskill including–but not limited to–gender, sexual orientation, generation, geographic location, disability, race, religion, educational background, and field of employment. A diverse workforce, community of volunteers, Board of Trustees, and Community Advisory Board inform our understanding of the communities of the Catskills, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Upper Delaware, and Mid-Hudson River Valleys, and enable us to deliver content and services that will help us attract, engage and inform our listeners. We recruit from a broad pool of candidates enabling us to hire and promote qualified individuals with a variety of backgrounds and talents that reflect the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by Radio Catskill.

Radio Catskill broadcasts a wide range of programming, including programs that amplify the experiences and perspectives of the African American, Latino & LGBTQIA+ populations, veterans, farmers, Indigenous peoples, and many others. Radio Catskill also provides on-air and online exposure for various cultural and civic organizations based in our community and beyond.

Radio Catskill’s 2022-2026 Strategic Plan includes several diversity goals:

  • We will build a larger, more diverse, and more inclusive Radio Catskill community through strategies of interpersonal outreach, building partnerships, and relationship and community building.
  • We will grow and diversify our Radio Catskill community by prioritizing outreach to young people, people of color, long-time and multi-generational residents
  • We will strengthen and build our talent and human resources including volunteers, staff, and board.
  • We will continue to develop content that serves all people of all backgrounds in our community.
  • We will explore new opportunities for achieving and promoting diversity and to monitor and evaluate our success.


STRATEGIC PLAN 2022 – 2026

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As a public media entity, Radio Catskill makes every effort to be as transparent as possible to comply with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Additional governance and financial information, including Radio Catskill’s most recent Station Activity Survey (SAS), most current IRS 990, information on obtaining copies of Radio Catskill’s Annual Financial Reports and the station’s policies regarding open meetings, open financial records, CAB, EEO as well as donor list and political activities requirements can be found here.



General Manager: Tim Bruno
Program Director: Jason Dole
Multi-Platform Content Producer: Patricio Robayo
Development & Operations Manager: Mimi Bradley

Board of Trustees

Kirsten Harlow Foster, President
Sally Stuart, Vice-President
Duncan Cooper, Treasurer
Katie Childs, Secretary

Members: Donald Almquist, Jeff Barnes, Dale Blagrove, Amy Brightfield, Katie Childs, Barbara Demarest, Leif Johansen,  Pete Madden, Heather Quaintance, Clay Smith and Kristina Smith

The Radio Catskill Board of Trustees usually meets once a month. Specific dates and times are posted on our website under the Community tab. Meetings are open to the public and time is allotted for public comment. For more information email: board@wjffradio.org.

Minutes from Board of Trustees meetings can be found here.

Executive Committee

Kirsten Harlow Foster, President
Sally Stuart, Vice-President
Duncan Cooper, Treasurer
Katie Childs, Secretary

Executive Committee Minutes can be found here.

Nominating and Governance Committee

Nominating and Governance Committee Minutes can be found here.

Finance Committee

Finance Committee Minutes can be found here.

Audit Committee

Audit Committee Minutes can be found here.

Personnel Committee

Personnel Committee Minutes  can be found here.

Outreach Committee

Outreach Committee Minutes can be found here.

Facilities and Operations Committee

Facilities Committee Minutes  can be found here.

Strategic Planning Work Group

Strategic Planning Work Minutes meetings can be found here.

Program Advisory Committee

Valerie Mansi, chair, David Dann, Nick Forte, Judy Rosen, Isabel Braverman, Julia Greenberg, Duncan Hutchinson

The Program Committee is an advisory committee reporting to the Program Director. The committee meets quarterly to review station programming and program proposals. For further information, email: pc@wjffradio.org.

Program Committee Minutes can be found here.


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Radio Catskill is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization  |  Federal Tax ID#22-2792167