Policies & Procedures for CPB Communications Act Compliance

Local Content and Services Report

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting requires that Section 6 (Local Content and Services Report) of the annual Station Activity Survey (SAS) be posted to the station webpage within 10 days of it being filed with the CPB. Click Here to download WJFF’s most recent Local Content and Services Report.

Diversity Report & Statement

Download a copy of WJFF’s most recent Diversity Statement and Policy from January 2022 HERE

Download WJFF’s Diversity Statement Report HERE.

Annual Financial Reports

The station’s most recent audited financial statement can be found by here.

The station’s most recent FSR (Financial Summary Report) can be found here.

IRS 990

WJFF’s most current IRS-990 form can be found here.


Additional Policies

Open (and closed) Meetings

Meetings of WJFF’s Board of Trustees and all of its standing committees are open to public observation and often include a public comment period. They will be announced in the Upcoming Events section of WJFF’s homepage at least one week in advance of the scheduled date (wjffradio.org). Minutes from these meetings will be forwarded to station management by each committee’s secretary and posted on the WJFF webpage following their approval and acceptance. If a meeting is to be closed to the public, a written explanation of the reason for closure will accompany the meeting’s minutes.

AFR/FSR statements

WJFF receives substantial amounts of money from public entities and individuals. The station’s finances are audited yearly by an independent professional accountant and the reports for the most recent year are made available to the public on the “Contact/About Us” section of the WJFF homepage once they are approved. They are also available for viewing along with WJFF’s Public File, during normal business hours at the WJFF’s Jeffersonville offices. WJFF also files an Annual Financial Report with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This report is available on the website.

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

As a recipient of funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, WJFF is required to maintain an active Community Advisory Board (CAB). CAB members are appointed by WJFF’s Board of Trustees each year following the board’s annual meeting. CAB members are selected to represent a diverse cross-section of the WJFF listening area. The CAB’s function is to advise the Board of Trustees (BoT) as to whether or not the station is successful in its mission and whether the station’s programming is meeting the needs of its audience as well as to review the programming goals and community service provided by the station. The CAB sets its own schedule and agenda.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Click here to view or download the Radio Catskill conflict of interest policy


WJFF complies with EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) regulations. As a recipient of the CPB CSG (Community Service Grant), WJFF regularly submits proof of this to the CPB via an annual Station Activities Survey (SAS) which is available to the public by advance arrangement with the station manager.

Donor Lists

WJFF keeps a record of its donors for use in its own fundraising activities and historical research but does not sell, rent, lease or make publicly available this list to any entity for any reason. During on-air pledge drives, donors are asked specifically if it is acceptable to use their name on-air in thanking them, and are always provided with the choice to remain anonymous.