Public Service Announcements – Guidelines for Submissions

Guidelines for Submitting Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to Radio Catskill

Radio Catskill airs Public Service Announcements as part of our mission to serve our listeners and community. 

We welcome PSAs that have a broad appeal to our audience and the common good, such as: 

  • Performances and concerts 
  • Cultural, educational, environmental, civic, pet, weather, recovery, and health-related events
  • Fundraising events (to the extent permitted by FCC regulations)

If you are involved with a community not-for-profit organization and you meet the criteria below, please send announcements to for consideration.

PSA Criteria:

  • Event organizer must be a not-for-profit organization / agency or a governmental entity.
  • Events or information should have appeal and value to Radio Catskill’s audience and/or provide some service or benefit to the community and/or listeners.
  • Events should be located in the geographic region served by Radio Catskill.
  • Event sponsors may not be included in the script of any PSA.
  • Events or information related to candidates for office or political organizations will not be accepted.
  • PSAs should be written in a neutral language, sharing information and details about the event.  Any “calls to action” should be avoided.  This includes language such as “Come to…”  or “Join us at…”

Please include:

  • The organization hosting the event
  • A brief description of the event
  • Where it will take place (or if virtual)
  • Ages for whom it is appropriate
  • Date/times when it will occur
  • Registration and registration deadline if required
  • Url of specific event information on the organization’s website (Note:  contact names and phone numbers are not suitable for broadcast)

PSA requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the event date or registration deadline. Timely submission makes it more likely for your PSA to be considered for broadcast.