Diversity is central to WJFF Radio Catskill. Compassion and inclusivity are among our core values. We believe in equity and inclusion in the stories we broadcast and how we treat each other.

All forms of diversity and the absence of any forms of discrimination are important to Radio Catskill including, but not limited to gender, sexual orientation, generation, geographic location, disability, race, religion, educational background, and field of employment. A diverse workforce, community of volunteers, Board of Trustees, and Community Advisory Board inform our understanding of the communities of the Catskills, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Upper Delaware, and Mid-Hudson River Valleys, and enable us to deliver content and services that will help us attract, engage and inform our listeners. We recruit from a broad pool of candidates enabling us to hire and promote qualified candidates with various backgrounds and talents that reflect the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by Radio Catskill.

With regards to content, Radio Catskill broadcasts a great variety of programming, including programs that amplify the experiences and perspectives of the African American, Latino & LGBTQIA+ populations, veterans, farmers, Indigenous peoples and many others. Radio Catskill also provides on-air and online exposure for various cultural and civic organizations based in our community and beyond.

Radio Catskill has recently completed a strategic plan for 2022-2026 which includes several goals focused on diversity:
• We will build a larger, more diverse, and more inclusive Radio Catskill community through strategies of interpersonal outreach, building partnerships, and relationship and community building.
• We will grow and diversify our Radio Catskill community by prioritizing outreach to young people, people of color, long-time and multi-generational residents
• We will strengthen and build our talent and human resources including volunteers, staff, and board.
• We will continue to develop content that serves all people of all backgrounds in our community.
• We will explore new opportunities for achieving and promoting diversity and to monitor and evaluate our success.