Daily Archives: May 7, 2020

Equinunk General Store
The Equinunk General Store in Pennsylvania is staying stocked and doing brisk business, letting customers in one at a time. On May 6, owner Jutta Bishop told WJFF how different — and stressful — it is. “It’s a complete shift in demands,” she said.   https://wjff.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/COVID-19+News+Stories+and+Headlines/EQUINUNK+GENERAL+STOR.mp3    

Listen: How the Equinunk General Store Is Adapting

Wayne County Commissioner Jocelyn Cramer
On May 6, Wayne County Commissioner Jocelyn Cramer checked in with WJFF about farmers accessing relief money, mail-in ballots for Pennsylvania’s upcoming June 2 primary election, and the state’s red-yellow-green outlook for re-opening. “We’re seeing the psychological need for people to see some progress that their livelihood is being protected,” […]

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The Mark Project Delaware County
Peg Ellsworth is Executive Director of The Mark Project, a not-for-profit community and economic development organization in Delaware County, NY. On May 6, she spoke with WJFF’s Jason Dole about their COVID-19 efforts, from meal deliveries to business loans and coordinating with state agencies. Check out their COVID-19 resources page […]

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