Daily Archives: August 7, 2020

There’s something for everyone here – artwork, restaurants, services and much much more! Welcome to WJFF’s Fabulous Online Auction! We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary for the station and will sadly miss the opportunity to get together with our community to raise funds for WJFF- while enjoying a social event. […]

WJFF’s Fabulous Online Auction is CLOSED! Thank You for your ...

Doug Bill of WJFF’s Bodhi Talk and the Honesdale Wellness Center gets “back to basics” in this week’s conversation, saying that when the times are as unsettling and un-centering as these are, start at square one and recenter. How? Wake up, practice mindfulness, and make sure you’re not neglecting your […]

Listen: Doug Bill of WJFF’s Bodhi Talk

The Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) represents 180,000 education professionals, teachers, and support staff. The PSEA’s president Rich Askey testified before the Pennsylvania House Education Committee this week said as PA schools look to open, “the challenges are many and the answers are few.” Chris Lilienthal , Assistant Director of […]

Listen: Rich Askey, president of The Pennsylvania State Education Association