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Sullivan County Public Health Director Nancy McGraw is way too nice to say we’re getting lazy. So, how about “nonchalant?” She sees people getting pretty nonchalant about the coronavirus. We’re going to gatherings, mingling, talking, not keeping distant, not wearing masks, and this has led to “community spread” of COVID-19. […]

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The criminal justice system can protect communities from violent, harmful people. Yet it can also take young people in bad circumstances who have made a mistake and help turn them into life-long criminals. How to do the former, but not the latter? Try Restorative Justice. Ulster County District Attorney Dave […]

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Because COVID hotspots keep popping up in New York State, Governor Cuomo announced new restrictions for businesses and private residences alike. Now bars, restaurants, and gyms will be required to close from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily. For a local restaurant’s perspective on these changes, we spoke with Jason […]

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The Adult Care Center is still a hot issue in Sullivan County. The Legislature’s Executive Committee met on Thursday and Isabel Braverman was there, reporting for the Sullivan County Democrat. She runs down the latest on the Adult Care Center story. Plus, all politics is local, but what happens when […]

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Have you heard of The Giving Tree Program? Every year the Boys and Girls Club of Wallkill puts it on in Orange and Sullivan Counties. It’s like an all-request toy drive for children in need. The kids write down what they want, and people donating toys can get something they […]

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