Daily Archives: December 18, 2020

Wash your hands, maintain a safe distance, wear a mask, don’t become complacent. COVID cases and deaths are up sharply in Sullivan County – with the most active cases and hospitalizations since the spring. And with major holidays are right around the corner, and the vaccine only slowly rolling out, […]

Listen: Dr. Bruce Ellsweig, COVID-19 Update

The pandemic put a spotlight on many pre-existing problems in our communities, such as food insecurity, mental health, and domestic violence. And the pandemic has been making these problems worse. Kellyann Kostyal-Larrier, Executive Director of Fearless! Hudson Valley, Inc., formally known as Safe Homes of Orange County, talks about the […]

Listen: Domestic Violence, Fearless! Hudson Valley

Every week we check in with Wayne County, to see what is new and what is happening on their side of the river. This week, for one of the last Wayne County Updates of the year, we spoke with the County Commissioner who started this tradition, Jocelyn Cramer, for the […]

Listen: Wayne County Update, Commissioner Jocelyn Cramer