Daily Archives: December 20, 2020

(DEC 18) You need land to farm, but access to land is wildly unequal. While roughly 60 percent of agriculture workers are people of color, the vast majority of farm owners are white. How can this deep-seeded inequity be fixed? The National Young Farmers Coalition released a new report, “Land […]

Listen: National Young Farmers Coalition: Making farming more accessible

(DEC 18) Some of the very few school sports that are allowed to happen can’t find a venue. Indoor Track may move outdoors. Fall school sports were delayed until the winter. And major winter sports can’t happen at all. To make sense of all of this, we turn again to […]

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(DEC 18) Before the weekend, Congress passed a bill to avert a federal government shut down…for two whole days. Representative Matt Cartwright (PA 8) is tired of the congresspeople who keep waiting until the very end of the negotiation process to voice their concerns,  undermining the effort to find a […]

Listen: Stimulus package update from Congressman Cartwright