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The Secret Show with host, Bryan Sheehan. Thursdays at 9 p.m. From the mind of a hound dag. Shhh! It’s a secret!   Listen On-Air, Online, On Your Smartphone, and On Your Smart Speaker! Website: https://wjffradio.org Donate: https://wjffradio.kindful.com/

The Secret Show at 9 P.M.

Tonight at 7 p.m., It’s Ramble Tamble with John Gordon. Gordon says, “There is so much great music around in so many different genres that I would never want to rule anything out. I tend to lean toward Americana Roots, Alt-Country, Early Rock, and Folk, but those are just starting […]

Ramble Tamble at 7 P.M.

Tonight on The Local Edition 9/2/21 at 6:30 p.m.   –Kelley Stewart, Forestry Specialist “Varden Conservation Day” Varden Conservation Area is 444 acres in Wayne County donated by Dr. Mead Shaffer and on September 11, Wayne County will be celebrating Varden Conservation Day!  A day filled with history, environmental education, […]

Tonight on The Local Edition 9/2/21 at 6:30 p.m. “Varden ...

Bullseye is a public radio show about what’s good in popular culture. Whether you’re already plugged into the culture map, or looking for a signpost, Bullseye will keep you on target. Today at 2 p.m. Music producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis talk with Jesse Thorn this week about their […]

Bullseye at 2 P.M. This Week: Jimmy Jam & Terry ...