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The Kingfisher Project is a volunteer-based community information project aimed at creating greater awareness and understanding of the heroin and opioid epidemic in our community and across the nation. Listen to “First Tuesdays With Bill Williams” on WJFF, Catskill Radio 90.5 or on the internet at https://wjffradio.org the first Tuesday of every month […]

The Kingfisher Project

Local arts, culture, and music performances from the Catskills & Northeast Pennsylvania. Listen every Sunday at 7pm.

Sunday Stage

Borscht Beat is a weekly hour of Jewish music featuring a unique mix of timeless, sentimental classics and rare oddities curated by Aaron Bendich. Borscht Beat is inspired by Aaron’s grandfather Max Bendich, who was the son of Jewish immigrants from present-day Ukraine and had a lifelong interest in Yiddish […]

Borscht Beat

A blend of jazz, R&B, blues & more soulfully curated from the 25 thousand-plus music library of NYC Club DJ Clyde Yates III

Set it Off

Host Aaron Hicklin speaks to authors, artists, and celebrities who love books as much as he does.

Shelf Life

Join alternating hosts Jesse Ballew and Aldo Troiani for sixty minutes of red hot bluegrass peppered with cajun and country tunes. On the air since 1994, Jambalaya is one of WJFF’s longest-running programs.


From the writer/director of Oscar-nominated, Emmy Award winning film “Gasland,” Josh Fox features progressive conversations with notable guests around the coronavirus crisis, social justice and politics, helping people understand the connection to environmentalism. The show is produced in the Upper Delaware Valley village of Milanville in Wayne County by Josh […]

Staying Home with Josh Fox

A free form mix of old and contemporary jazz/alt hip hop/indie/country/new age. Host Austin Brose produces from his home studio in Livingston Manor. Midnight Fridays/Saturday

Jewel Heist

Ramble Tamble debuted on 9/10/03. I named the show after a CCR song which rambles in several different directions during its 7 minutes and 9 seconds. There is so much great music around in so many different genres that I would never want to rule anything out. I tend to […]

Ramble Tamble