Farm and Country

Farm and Country is a locally produced 30 minute radio show on a variety of topics relating to rural life in the Catskills and the Delaware River Valley. Farm and Country team volunteers report on beekeeeping and agricultural topics from SCCCE {Local Cornell ext} and PASA {Penn Assoc Sustainable Ag.} We highlight 4-H activities, interview local farmers and nursery owners about their products . Volunteers attend lectures locally and record audio on forest management, hiking trails, invasive species and community events. Local Poets present their writing that reflect landscape and animal behavior. There’s a seasonal report on viewing the stars in night time sky, a seasonal report on fishing along the Upper Delaware River, and seasonal reports on local birds and their behavioral characteristics.

Host: Rosie Starr

Rosie Starr began listening to the radio at the age of 5. After her mom read bed time stories, funny radio stories lulled her to sleep.  As an adult, she chose radio as a career; learning many of the technical and creative aspects of the profession. Listening live or to radio production podcasts remain a big part of her current life, shared with her husband. Both have listened to and supported WJFF for 30 years.

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