Who are the Angels of Hope Not Handcuffs? FULL Special Episode for The Local Edition

Who are the Angels of Hope Not Handcuffs?


Sullivan County has the highest opioid death rate per capita outside of NYC in New York State, and in March of 2022, 20% of All Deaths In Sullivan County were opioid-related, going to Sullivan County Coroner. 

What are we doing to change that?

Patricio Robayo for Radio Catskill, in this episode, explores the program that looks to help find viable treatment options for people seeking help to reduce their dependence on prescription medication, alcohol, and other drugs. Hope Not Handcuffs. 

We will learn what the program is all about and how the volunteers go out to help someone in crisis when needed. They are the angels of Hope Not Handcuffs. 

Patricio is joined by Annette Kahrs, Executive Director for Tri-County Community Partnership, and Program Director Hope Not Handcuffs.

Wendy Brown, Deputy Commissioner of Health and Human Services. 

And the Angels of Hope Not Handcuffs, Moreen Lerner, Lindsay Wheat, Judy Balaban, and Paige Bakken. 







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