2019 Spring Gathering Performance Schedule, April 5-7

WJFF is grateful to all the musicians, poets and performers who are giving of their time and talent for the Live Performance Weekend portion of Radio Catskill’s Spring Gathering Fund Drive. There’s a very wide range this year including gospel, chamber, blues, jazz, rock, folk, hip hop, bluegrass, poetry and more. Tune in to Radio Catskill Friday, April 5 through Sunday, April 7 to hear how your community radio station gathers our amazing community of artists.

And while you listen, make a pledge of support to WJFF!.

Schedule is in formation and may be subject to change.

Friday, April 5
7 pm Friendship Baptist Church Pebbles of Hope Youth & Adult Combined Choirs
7:30 pm Lighten Up
8: 30 pm Richard Traviss aka Talking Fire
9 pm Little Sparrow

Saturday, April 6
9:45 am Rock Hill Ramblers; David Rosenberg; Three Hands Clapping
11 am The Poets of Farm & Country
11:30 am Rafters Tavern Trio
12 pm BJ & Greg
1 pm Keep On Rockin Club of Honesdale High School
1:30 pm Kathy Geary
2 pm Rob Telefsen
3 pm Maya Gottfried
3:30 pm Blues Brothers (Dr Dann and Blind Davis) David & Paul Dann
4 pm Captain Magic
5 pm NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered
6 pm The Electric Chords
7 pm David Milner
7:30 pm Usual Suspects

Sunday, April 7
10 am Sullivan County Chamber Orchestra
11 am Farm Arts Collective
12 pm Monticello My Brothers Keeper/Monti-MBK
1 pm Tessa Nettleton
1: 30 pm Chris Raabe
2 pm BlueStone739
3 pm Justin Sutherland and Mark Visconti
3:30 pm Sara Hulse
4 pm TBA
5 pm NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered
6 pm Black Sage Project

Special thanks to Assistant General Manager Andrea Nero Eddings for scheduling this year’s Spring Gathering and to Greg Castro for his engineering expertise.

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