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WJFF ELECTION COVERAGE SCHEDULE – OCtober 31 – November 6 PRE-GAME 6 p.m. SATURDAY 10/31 – THIS AMERICAN LIFE: “THE UNREALITY OF NOW” Just days before the election, This American Life presents “The Unreality of Now,” stories of people living in this unreal moment. Election officials combat a contagion, people […]

Special Election Coverage October 31 – November 6

(OCT 30) Matt Harle is an artist who works with many materials – wood, metal, frosted mylar, fabric, cast rubber, and cement – as he attempts to make their ephemeral qualities a physical reality. His exhibit, Group Show, opens this weekend at Catskill Art Society in Livingston Manor. He describes […]

Listen: Catskill Art Society opening: Matt Harle

(OCT. 30) It’s Halloween, which is normally a time for dressing up and going around the community for some trick or treating, or celebrating with family and friends. However, Halloween is creepier than ever this year due to the looming specter of COVID-19. Can we have a fun Halloween and […]

Listen: Halloween safety: Family Nurse Practitioner Christina Wood

(OCT. 30) This time on Meet the Candidate, it’s Sullivan County District Attorney Race. Retired county Judge Frank LaBuda is running for District Attorney in Sullivan County. Judge LaBuda describes what the office of District Attorney means to him, tells listeners about his life and career, and answers all of […]

Listen: Meet the candidate: Frank LaBuda

As of Friday, October 30th, Wayne Memorial Hospital’s primary COVID-19 testing site for outpatients will be at the drive-through for the former Wayne Health Pharmacy at the Stourbridge Complex, Maple Avenue and Route 6, Honesdale. Its previous main testing site at the Wayne County Fairgrounds closed in mid-October because of […]

New COVID Testing Site in Honesdale PA

The 2020-2021 Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) season begins Monday, November 2. Eligibility and benefits are based on income, household size, the primary heating source, and the presence of a household member who is under age 6, over age 60 or permanently disabled. All interviews will be conducted via phone […]

New York State Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

River Reporter
In our weekly local news update, Owen Walsh from The River Reporter talks about the major races on both sides of the river. Then, he tells us exactly where the broadband issue stands in Sullivan County and NEPA. Plus – which candidate was caught scandalously attending high school in Canada?? […]

Listen: Owen Walsh from The River Reporter on Local ...

Radio Catskill is keeping you connected to the candidates during 2020 election. Meet Mike Martucci, running for the seat in New York’s 42nd Senate District. He grew up in Orange County, started his own business, and this is his first time running for office. Martucci is challenging incumbent, Senator Jen […]

Listen: Mike Martucci Candidate for New York’s 42nd Senate ...

On this week’s Workshift Live, James B. Huntington goes over the latest unemployment numbers for the Radio Catskill listening area. Plus, the national jobless numbers, the national deficit, and the market’s reaction to the latest COVID news. OCT 29

Listen: Workshift’s James B. Huntington on the Latest Numbers