Move Sullivan to Expand Service

Move Sullivan, Sullivan County’s year-old public transportation system, is about to take the next step forward.

Move Sullivan buses have continued running throughout the pandemic, and starting November 2, the routes will be expanded to meet public demand.
In addition to realignments of some existing stops to better serve riders, Move Sullivan buses will now travel into Sleepy Hollow Apartments in the Village of Monticello, visit Crystal Run Healthcare in Rock Hill, run to the Liberty Market grocery store and Achieve Rehab and Nursing Facility in the Village of Liberty, swing by the Woodbourne traffic light, and stop at Green Avenue in the heart of the Village of Woodridge.
Move Sullivan buses will also institute a $2-per-trip fare on November 2, with three-trip ticket booklets selling for $5. Tickets are available on the bus and at the Sullivan County Treasurer’s Office in the Government Center. They must be purchased in cash, exact change only. Transfers between buses will be allowed at no charge, so long as riders obtain a free transfer ticket from the driver.

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