Radio Chatskill Saturday 10 AM : The State of Democracy

Radio Chatskill is WJFF’s locally-produced magazine program, featuring the voices and stories of community members throughout the Catskills and Northeast Pennsylvania.

The State of Democracy Special replay today at 10 AM.

From new state laws making it harder to vote to a deadly attack on Congress, the biggest news stories of the past year were about our democracy. From the Pope, to President Biden, to people in the grocery store, everyone is talking about and concerned with the state of our democracy.

Radio Catskill’s The State of Democracy Special hosted by The River Reporter’s Laurie Stuart, will be joined by Abigail Evans, Campus Leader of The Democracy Matters Institute at SUNY Albany, Jeff Miller Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at SUNY New Paltz and Sandra Cuellar Oxford, Citizen Activist.

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