Thank You Summer Challengers For Your Generosity to WJFF

Thank you to those who pooled their gifts for a combined Challenge Pledge that will help us end the Summer Quiet Drive!

Unlike our regular fund drives, WJFF’s Summer Quiet Drive has less airtime for challenge pledges – donations we have to match before we can add them to the tally.

The solution? A combined Summer Quiet Drive Challenge pledge from a variety of our generous listeners who want to help Radio Catskill keep you connected. They pooled their funds, then asked you to meet it. Our listeners came through and we raised over $35,000 for Radio Catskill together!

Summer Quiet Drive Challengers

The Presidents’ Challenge – Past WJFF Presidents Jim Lomax & Pat Pomeroy along with current President Thane Peterson
John Gordon – Ramble Tamble Challenge
Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther
Larry Schute & Nancy Brothers
Wray Voegelin & Yolanda Lambert
Roberta & Vincent Conroy
Lisa & Matthew Winkler
Thomas Gordon
Adams Family Fund
Anonymous from White Lake
Sussman & Associates
Michael Weddle & Sandra Rowland
E. Drummond King & Heidi Harlow
Anonymous from NYC

Total to Match : $5,000

We are grateful to each and every one of you who helped bring WJFF’s Summer Quiet Drive to a successful end.




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