Artist Brandi Merolla to Speak Live at Radio Catskill’s Community Room in Liberty, NY

LIBERTY, NY – Radio Catskill is thrilled to announce that acclaimed multi-media Artist Brandi Merolla will be making a special live appearance at Radio Catskill’s Community Room on July 8th starting at 5 pm as part of Catskill Talks. This event is free and open to the public.


Located at 2758 State Route 52 in Liberty, NY—Catskill Talks is an artist talk series scheduled from June to October 2023. 


“Activated: Photographs from Peaceful Protests,” Brandi Merolla showcases over 300 photographs that she captured over the course of a decade, documenting peaceful protests spanning from New York to Washington, DC. 


Brandi understood the significance of raising one’s collective voice from a young age. When she was just seven years old, she accompanied her mother on a bus journey from NYC to DC, joining others in a march for civil rights. This early experience left a lasting impression on Brandi.


“Standing up for a cause has always been my way of combating injustice,” said Brandi. She firmly believes that peaceful demonstrations play a vital role in educating the uninformed and capturing the attention of lawmakers.


Through these captivating images and the stories behind the photographers, viewers can personally experience the passion and dedication of the activists involved. 


Catskill Talks will feature local artists, musicians, poets, painters, photographers, and authors, delving into their unique artistic creations, sharing their creative process, and revealing the driving forces behind their inspiring works.


This project is made possible in part with funds provided by a Sullivan County Arts & Heritage Grant, funded by the Sullivan County Legislature and administered by Delaware Valley Arts Alliance.

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