“Baby Steps” Kits for At Risk New Mothers

Betty Lawson, Wayne County Children’s Librarian, and the Women’s Health Care (WHC) of Wayne Memorial Community Health Center are collaborating in a program called “Baby Steps” to provide support for at-risk new mothers.  The “Baby Steps” totes contain  educational toys, t-shirts for mom and baby and handmade blankets.    The Wayne Memorial team connects women with agencies and programs to help them de-toxify, maintain self-restraint, and care for their babies.

Lawson commented: “Too often, struggling young parents feel judged and dismissed by society. They think no one believes they can succeed,” she said. “Research shows positive outcomes stem from strong relationships that celebrate and empower. Libraries are already committed to lifelong learning and early literacy is our super power!”

To find out more about library services, visit waynelibraries.org. To learn more about Women’s Health Centers services, visit Wayne Memorial Hospital (wmh.org).


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