Ballads and Banjos Saturdays 7 AM

Sonja Hedlund will start your Saturday morning right with Ballads and Banjos at 7 AM. The program features a wide range of folk music, from singer-songwriter favorites such as Holly Near and John McCutcheon to folk styles gathered from Sonja’s travels around the world. With her deep roots in rural life and community, Sonja offers up a genuine slice of Catskills life each Saturday morning with Ballads and Banjos.


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3 thoughts on “Ballads and Banjos Saturdays 7 AM

  • Jerry Senter

    My wife and I are devoted fans and patrons of whiff and Morgan Outdoors. In college I listened to Laura Nero constantly, do you know her music? Not your usual style, but I never hear Sarah Vaughn played anymore, one of the greats. Thanks for all you do. Jerry and Kathleen