Borscht Beat Sundays at 1 P.M.

Aaron Bendich’s weekly Jewish music program today at 1pm, featuring a unique mix of timeless, sentimental classics and rare oddities.


The show’s title reflects the so-called “Borscht Belt,” a collection of cottages, hotels, and entertainment venues that catered to a Jewish clientele during the mid-twentieth century in the Catskills.


Bendich says, “Most of the artists I play have, at one time, performed within WJFF’s broadcast area. I think it’s very wonderful and exciting that my show is now on the station.


There is some beautiful continuity with the rich Jewish cultural history of the region.”


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8 thoughts on “Borscht Beat Sundays at 1 P.M.

  • Pearl Uncyk Berkowsky

    Mazel Tov on your radio show!! I am very excited to hear about it. Wondering why I have never heard about this until now!!! My name is Pearl. I live in Brooklyn, NY. My parents were Holocaust survivors, I was born in the DP Camp of Bergen Belsen, Germany. I speak Yiddish fluently, I taught Yiddish speaking in my shul East Midwood Jewish Center. It is the largest Conservative Synagogue in Brooklyn. I am volunteer and work with the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbeine. I spent 25 years during the summer and many bungalow colonies.
    I commend you for all of your work and now you have an additional “listener” – I will forward your website to many family members and friends.
    Please tell me about yourself.
    “Ah Sheinem Dank” for keeping Yiddishkeit alive.

  • Yehudit Moch

    I just moved to Hemlock Farms near Milford. I get great reception of wjff in my car and am finding myself having those NPR driveway moments. (Never had a driveway in Brooklyn.) I have never written to a radio station before. I heard Borscht Belt for the first time today. It really engaged, educated and entertained me. I found Aaron Bendich to be knowledgeable, witty and interesting. Could you please pass this on to him.

    I was on the way from a Shavuot service to a Shavuot celebration, while I listened to your show. Just Friday in a Zoom service form my Brooklyn shul, The Park Slope Jewish Center, someone said how little music there is for Shavuot. I would love to send those songs to them. I also really liked the Michael Winograd piece you played. The one that really bowled me over was the Workers song with the sun burning and the mother sewing who cannot afford a dress. You shared so much! Western European Old Yiddish who knew?! did not catch the name of the group that released it. I find most versions of Romania, Romania treacly. The version you played and your comments gave it a whole other slant. I look forward to enjoying your show in the future, A shanum dank

  • Jesse Meyrowitz

    I can’t wait to hear the music. I can remember as a young child, listening to the Yiddish music ( on my transistor radio ), with my father and my zayde.
    Now that I am alot older I miss those days. It’ll bring me back to a better time.

  • Rochelle Mason

    Hello, I live in Myrtle Beach, SC, grew up in Brooklyn and miss not hearing this great music. How can I become a listener?
    Rochelle Mason