Community and Family Grieve the Passing of Kia Williams—A Sullivan County Mama


Kia Williams was an adventurous traveler, an exceptional cook, and a dedicated mother. She entered a new phase of her life by moving to Barryville, Sullivan County, along with her son Sai, originally from California.

In recent times, Kia embarked on a journey that led her to marry her fiancé, Desmond, and temporarily relocate to Ghana. Her purpose was to assist him in obtaining the necessary documents to join her in the United States.

During her time in Ghana, Kia discovered that she was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, her joy was overshadowed by a decline in her health, prompting her to seek medical attention.

Tragically, Kia passed away in May, shortly after celebrating her 30th birthday. Her untimely departure left her loved ones devastated, as she was taken from this world far too early.

Kia was a beloved member of the Sullivan County Mamas, an online support group for rural mothers. She was known for her positivity and warmth, and her absence was deeply felt within the community.

Patricio Robayo from Radio Catskill recently interviewed Kia’s sisters, Quiyanna Terry and Miyanna Albritton, as well as Jess Lewis, a member of the Sullivan County Mamas. The interview shed light on Kia’s journey to Ghana and the challenges her family faced while striving to bring her back home.

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