Cooling Locations in Sullivan County

With Sullivan County experiencing some of the hottest temperatures of the year, Public Health officials want residents to know where they can escape the heat.

“Heat stroke can be a life-threatening condition if people stay too long outside in hot, sunny weather (tempting as that is),” notes Public Health Director Karen Holden. “Warning signs include a body temperature of 103°F or higher; hot, red, dry, or damp skin; a fast, strong pulse; headache; dizziness; nausea; confusion; and losing consciousness (passing out). If you or someone you know is experiencing these kinds of symptoms, it’s best to call 911 right away.”

“Sullivan County is fortunate to have a number of parks, lakes and rivers where people can cool off in the water, though please wear a lifejacket when out on a boat or raft,” adds Health & Human Services Commissioner John Liddle. “For those who can’t or don’t want to get in the water, the following locations are open to the public during the hottest parts of the day.”

“If you are unable to leave your house and there is no air-conditioning, call the Department of Social Services at 845-292-0100 for assistance,” says Liddle. “If you or a loved one’s life is in danger, however, call 911 directly.”

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