Coronavirus: Small Business Impact Assessment Questionnaire & Small Business Disaster loan

From The River Reporter:

Aid for businesses

MONTICELLO, NY — Resources to help businesses respond to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are being assembled on the Sullivan County Planning Division’s website, under the Technical Assistance and Funding Resources page. Go to for information on safety protocols, NYS regulations, resources for employees, grant and loan opportunities, and more. The site will be updated as new programs emerge.

Sullivan County’s economic development agencies are working to harness available resources to assist local businesses affected by the New York State PAUSE. To get an assessment of what is needed, businesses are asked to visit to fill out the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Impact Assessment Questionnaire by survey by Friday, April 3.

Businesses that wish to apply for the Small Business Disaster loan are advised to apply online. The best times to apply would be at either earlier in the day or later at night. However, as applications continue to surge, SBA’s Office of Disaster Assistance has provided an alternate method for applicants to submit and upload forms while the application portal is down for maintenance. Here’s the link to the new application page with instructions for uploading documents:

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