Eric Baylin, Sullivan County Poet Laureate. Radio Catskill Poem

Eric Baylin, the Sullivan County Poet Laureate, joined The Local Edition earlier this month and wrote a poem for his appearance.


Radio Catskill WJFF


Radio Catskill WJFF

A community weaver its warp and weft

Are your neighbors who give it a personal touch

Describing the local scene and such

They talk to the artists and farmers and all

They tell us the weather keep us on the ball

Got a cozy feel not a city slickened sound

Easy to listen to is what I’ve found

Got reggae and blues, country and jazz

Some genuine color, local razz-a-ma-tazz

Got farm and country, ballads and banjos

Catskill characters and plenty more, who knows?

Radio Catskill, it’s a local gem

So I tune in to ninety-point-five



– Eric Baylin, 2021


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