“Farm and Country” Showcases Summer Solstice, Farm History, Native Plants, and Garden Delights in Latest Edition; Pollinator Party Event Announcement Inside

Here’s what’s featured on this edition of “Farm and Country”; Saturday June 17, 2023 @ 11 am after NPR headlines.
Keith Hubbard’s “Star Talk” describes the meaning of the Summer Solstice.
Stephanie Phillips visits Myers Century Farm in Jeffersonville and speaks with Ryan Erlwine about the history of the farm.
Jim and Pat Sanders from the North East Audubon Society, are “For the Birds” and highlight the importance of growing native plants.
Christine San Jose recites poetry on the theme of gardens and Rima Fand sings a butterfly song by Chinese Taoist Zhuangzi.
If you are interested in pollinating knowledge, the Cornell Cooperative, Ulster County Master Gardeners are hosting an event on June 24 in Stone Ridge.
There will be a pollinator party from 10 AM until 2 pm with informative talks, Pollina-tours of the garden, and educational fun for children of all ages.
Details are on line at ulster.cce.cornell.edu

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