February 2019 Program Highlights

Black History Month and Much More at WJFF in February

February is Black History Month. Celebrating the African American experience past, present, and future, Janus Adams, host of The Janus Adams Show (Saturdays at 4 p.m.) begins the month with Glory Days-in-Concert, a two-part show inspired by her live spoken-word concerts with choirs nationwide, featuring selections from her book, Glory Days: 365 Inspired Moments in African American History, set to music from Spirituals to the Work Songs, Blues, Gospel, Jazz, and HipHop. The line-up: February 1: Glory Days-in-Concert, Part One.  “Coming Through the Storms”; February 8: Glory Days-in-Concert, Part Two. “Resistance, Rebellion, Resurrection, and the Making of a President”; February 15: Band of Angels.  Following historic Underground Railroad trails; February 22: Who Was Austin Steward and Why Should We Care? The city of Rochester, New York unveils an historic marker to an unknown man.  Why? February 29: Remembering to KnowHistoric Huguenot Street, The Slave Dwelling Project, #BlackStoriesMatter, and five writers in contemplation.

WORK SHIFT (Wednesdays at 10 a.m.) host James B. Huntington will look at “USA 2019:  Plenty of Jobs, With Prosperity for Half” on February 5 and on February 12, the latest unemployment

On Saturday, February 8 Radio Chatskill’s Culture Club (2nd Saturdays at 10 a.m.) features host Barb Demarest with interviews with Krissy Smith about the CineARt movies at the Callicoon Theatre, Aaron Hicklin from One Grand Books about three upcoming events, and Dawn Perneszi from Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop about their Valentine’s Cabaret and 2020 main stage season at the Rivoli Theatre.

Alzheimer’s Disease affects 5.8 million Americans and is the 6th leading cause of death in the US. Veterans are 60 percent more likely to develop this disease due to PTSI and TBI. On February 12 SSGT. Doug Sandberg, host of Let’s Talk Vets ( 2nd Wednesdays at 7 p.m.) reports the facts with a panel of experts from the Alzheimer’s Association.

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