Harmful Algae Bloom Notifications

Pic of HAB on Sheldrake Lake

DEC’s NYHABS, harmful algal bloom notification map shows locations of freshwater HABs in New York State that were reported in the past two weeks. The map show the location, the date it was reported, the waterbody name, and pictures. Instructions on how to use NYHABS are on DEC’s HABs notification webpage.

Know it: HABs vary in appearance from scattered green dots in the water, to long, linear green streaks, pea soup, or spilled green paint, to blue-green or white coloration.

Avoid it: People, pets, and livestock should avoid contact with floating mats, scums, and discolored water.

Report it: To report a suspected HAB,  use the NYHABS online reporting form and report health concerns related to HABs to the Department of Health at harmfulalgae@health.ny.gov, or contact your local health department.


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