“Hope Not Handcuffs” Program Seeking Volunteer “Angels”

The Sullivan County District Attorney’s Office and Sullivan County’s Drug Task Force have announced participation in the “Hope Not Handcuffs” program.  According to Wendy Brown, Deputy Commissioner of the Sullivan County Division of Health & Family Services, “Anyone seeking help fighting substance use disorders may come to any local police station and ask for the ‘Hope Not Handcuffs’ program.  Everyone will be treated with compassion and respect, while a call will be made to an ‘angel’ volunteer from the Hope Not Handcuffs – Hudson Valley team who will actively seek out a treatment plan.”

Additional volunteer “angels” for Sullivan County are being sought to help participants complete paperwork and place a call to the appropriate provider for treatment assistance.  Meetings are safe and always take place at a participating police station. Once a treatment option is found, transportation is arranged.

Volunteers pick their “on call” days and hours, after they have completed training. For more info and to apply, go to tricountycommunitypartnership.org and search hope-not-handcuffs.

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