Joe Frank: In Memoriam on WJFF

“I’m constantly driven by the desire to do something that has never been done before on the radio, or to surprise and astonish and amaze my listeners — just to kind of press the limits as far as I can,”

Joe Frank on Fresh Air, 2003 as reported by the Washington Post.

Joe Frank’s life may have ended, but his unforgettable voice lives on in radio. WJFF was deeply saddened that this iconoclastic radio legend lost his battle with cancer on January 15. WJFF will pay tribute by playing some classic Joe Frank overnight this weekend Starting Saturday  2am -5am, then both Sunday and Monday from midnight to 5am. The shows will include some of Joe’s most recent work, recorded for KCRW’s Unfictional in 2013.

Brew yourself some deep black coffee and stay up all night with WJFF to remember Joe Frank at his very best.

Photo Credit: NPR’s Joe Frank – Just An Ordinary Man in Production – Mark Campbell Creative via Creative Commons

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