Listen: Steven Vegliante & Sandra Oxford Reaction to Legislature 1/28/21 Meeting

County Legislature met 1/28/21 to discuss a variety of topics, like Sullivan County Visitors Association, Changes to the Legislative Rules, and the Ethics Charges against District 6 Legislator, Luis Alvarez. 

The board voted eventually to take no action against Luis Alvarez. 

Chair of the Democratic Committee Steven Vegliante &  Community Activist Sandra Oxford was on The Local Edition that evening to give us their take on what was happening.





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2 thoughts on “Listen: Steven Vegliante & Sandra Oxford Reaction to Legislature 1/28/21 Meeting

  • Sonja Hedlund

    The Local Edition is great! Talking about what is happening HERE in this community reality helps keep me informed,. Could you please make these shows PERMANENT on the archives like the other talk shows? And how about a call in show like the one you aired from NPA…but callers would be from around here. WAMC did one like that, Just short comments by callers, no back and forth with hosts.

  • Sonja Hedlund

    This is an excellent show – informative, on an issue that have much importance to us living here. Thanks and here’s to more shows like this! Maybe for the future something on real estate tax increase in the town of Callicoon. Our bill had a suprise increase.