LISTEN: Trailer Talk Terry Dame and Wintertime in the Catskills has begun!

On Trailer Talk this week,


Terry Dame: The Handy Hag & her Homostead

“Open your ears and learn from the bees,” shares Terry Dame in this episode of Trailer Talk. Sabrina and Terry (aka The Handy Hag) sit down in “The Bee” trailer for a conversation about her Homostead art project combing her music-making and the land. Terry shares her honey at the kitchen table of the trailer with Sabrina, as well as a dialogue about queerness, identity, and shaping her life around her dedication to living more sustainably.


Today’s first Catskill snow has Sabrina thinking about the qualities of the season that are just emerging, winter myths, extinction, aging and transformation. Join her as she speaks with her neighbors about winter.




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