No sales tax cap on gas in Sullivan County

No sales tax cap on gas in Sullivan County

by: Patricio Robayo

Gas prices are increasing locally, nationally, and globally and to help curb prices at the pump Gov, Kathy Hochul announced the suspension of certain taxes on motor and diesel motor fuel which took into effect on Wednesday, June 1. 


Gov. Hochul stated, “Fuel prices have surged in recent months, hurting working families and small businesses the most, and it is crucial that we provide New Yorkers relief.”


Counties across the state went a step further and implemented a temporary sales tax cap on taxes charged per gallon. 


However, Sullivan County will not be implementing a sales tax cap at the gas pump, which Assemblywoman for the 100th District Aileen Gunther thinks Sullivan County needs to do. 


She stated that just across the river in Pennsylvania, gas prices are higher than in New York State and used that as an example of how the state’s action affects the prices at the gas pump and said, “It’s important that Sullivan County follow suit to help our residents.” 

Sullivan County Legislature Chairman Rob Doherty responded to Gunther’s statement, “It is unfortunate that the Assemblywoman does not understand that we are a sales tax-based economy. By cutting that sales tax – even for a temporary period – we are cutting critical revenues during our busiest time of year, which will most assuredly lead to financial hardships for the rest of the year.”

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