November ’19 Program Highlights

Maple City Jazz Festival in Honesdale, PA, Veteran’s Day, and Getting Outdoors in the Fall Among Program Highlights for November

Thane Peterson’s Living Jazz (Fridays 12 – 2p.m.) on November 8 and November 15 spotlights artists appearing at the Maple City Jazz Festival at The Cooperage Project in in Honesdale, PA November 15-17. On the 8th he features a pre-recorded interview with Hal Galper, a legendary jazz pianist who played with Cannonball Adderley, Chet Baker, Phil Woods, Sam Rivers, and many other jazz legends and who will be bringing his trio to the Cooperage Project the evening of Friday, November 15. On the 15th Thane plays music from newly issued CDs and classic recordings by Galper and drummer Thurman Barker, both who have lived in the WJFF listening area for decades, and vocalist LaTanya Hall, a backup singer with the band Steely Dan who will be accompanied by her pianist/composer husband, Andy Milne and his trio.

On November 9, Catskill Character (Saturdays at 11:30) host Donna Fellenberg features a Holocaust survivor who was a Catskill hotel busboy from the Borscht Belt days, a NYC hotel general manager from North Dakota living in Hortonville and a Roller Derby Queen.

Farm and County (Saturdays at 10:30) segments for November 9 feature Star Talk with Keith Hubbard who talks about the bright star Capella, flashing red and green low in the nighttime northeastern sky; Along the Poet’s Row, with Christine San Jose, who explains how poetry helps with grief. In her segment Now You Know, Stephanie Phillips interviews arborist Mark Gidley, an expert on tree disease and pests. At a Hilly Acres Farm event Charles Wilkin serves coffee and tea with 2 Queens honey. In honor of the Maple City Festival, Farm and Country highlights Honesdale PA, on November 16 with Jack Barnett speaking from the Cooperage with a re-cap of this year’s delightful Wayne County Farm tour; Carol Sells shares her experience as a bee keeper in Prompton PA and from host Rosie Starr’s visit to Penn State Agriculture Day that took place in Honesdale earlier this year, the Northeast PA “Maple Ambassador” and Wayne County Dairy Miss deliver sweet messages to listeners. In Along the Poet’s Row, Christine San Jose salutes gardeners and farmers in her playful narrations. And on November 23, Star Talk’s Keith Hubbard says it’s all about the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and encourages listeners to look up and check out the sky just after sunset. Sonja Hedlund speaks with Madeline Cook about her experience with professionals at the Eddie Adams photo-journalism workshop in Sullivan County, and Pat Kardash visits Apple Pond Farm to talk with intern David Henselvitz about his apprenticeship there. An interview with Jim Edwards at the Hilly Acres Farm Day on the first day of Autumn is sure to wet listeners appetites for fresh pork barbeque.

Let’s Talk Vets (2nd Wednesdays at 7 p.m.)  host Doug Sandberg honors Veterans Day with segments of ceremonies at the Sullivan County Government Center on Wednesday, November 13. The show’s program also focuses on the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor.

Radio Chatskill (Saturdays at 10 a.m.) on November 16 will focus on places to go to get outdoors. Host Barb Demarest will feature hikes in the upper Delaware park, Eagle Day in Hawley, PA,  the barn quilts of Neversink and the hamlet of Cragsmoor, including the State Park at Sam’s Point.

Jonthan Mernit guest hosts Ballads and Banjos (Saturdays at 7 a.m.) on November 23 with a special program celebrating the late singer-songwriter Jack Hardy’s 72nd Birthday Anniversary. A national and international artist with a home in Callicoon, Jack performed benefits and live on air for WJFF on numerous occasions.

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