Our Summer Pledge drives ends as a big success thanks to so many!

After 14 days of on-air asking, we successfully reached our summer fundraising goal of $55,000. What a relief! What an enormous community effort!

Thanks to everyone who made a donation- whether by mail, by phone or on-line! Thanks very much to our valued club of Sound Supporters who keep our on-air goals down with their sustained giving. Thanks to those that were able to issue matching challenges to inspire others. A special thank you to an anonymous donor who propelled us to the finish with a $5,000 matching challenge on behalf of the Sullivan County dairy farmers. Thanks to folks who offered gifts for donations. Thanks to all our VOLUNTEERS who put in the extra effort and dedication for the last 2 weeks.  Thank you very much to our staff for keeping us focused.

Our drives are an amazing testament to the power of community! Together we  accomplish great things.

(Towards the end of his show, Mark Shulgasser (pictured above) was able to finish the fund drive with a five dollar bill!)

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