Pines Hotel in Fallsburg Devastated by Massive Fire


The renowned pines hotel a landmark that welcomed legendary performers like Buddy Hackett and Tony Benn during the Borschberg era fell victim to a devastating fire over the weekend. The blaze ravaged numerous buildings, prompting a swift and coordinated response from 25 fire agencies. According to John Hauschild, the Sullivan County Fire coordinator, the first calls came in at approximately 11:58 pm On Saturday, June 17. 


By the time the Fallsburg Fire Department arrived at the scene, the entire structure had already been engulfed in flames,


Hauschild said, “three buildings that were completely destroyed one buildings still standing partially standing there ended up being 22 Sullivan County Departments there one from Orange County was on standby and then there were two Ulster County Fire Departments one on standby and one at the scene for a total of 25 fire agencies there. There was also Mobilemedic EMS, Hatzolah EMS, Woodburn EMS, Fallsburg PD, Sullivan County County Sheriff’s Office, and the New York State Police, New York State Electric Gas Town of Fallsburg Public Works and the Town of Fallsburg water department as well as the Fire Bureau and Emergency Management and the Sullivan County Fire investigators were on the scene at that fire. The hotel was an unoccupied building. One minor injury to a firefighter other than that there were no other injuries. [The Fire] is under investigation.


Photo by: The Fallsburg Fire Department

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