Powerful Tornado Sweeps Through Sullivan County



Over the weekend a tornado touched down in Sullivan County, causing damage to trees, structures, and property. The tornado began north of Jeffersonville, along Callicoon Center Road near Laundry Brook, where it damaged trees before moving northward.


As it continued to move north, it crossed John Dietz Road, producing a large blowdown of hardwood trees and causing damage to skylights in a nearby residence, according to the National Weather Service in Binghamton, N.Y.  


Assemblymember Aileen Gunther was on the scene and said, “It was shocking and extremely sad, I have never seen anything like this.

We really need the help, we need money. A lot of these people do not have the money to rebuild what was lost. There are people that have no water, no roof, the ceilings are caved in because the water came into the roof…trees down all over the place.”


The worst of the tornado’s damage occurred on Apple Pond Farm and a nearby residence on Hahn Road according to Town of Callicoon Supervisor Tom Bose.


“Some of the older buildings there that were on site were completely demolished. But the good thing is their home was not severely damaged. Their solar panels flew off both sides of the roof and if they didn’t hit the tree line about 300 yards away, they’d probably still be airborne,” said Bose. 


According to the National Weather Service, the damage had hallmarks of a category EF2 tornado with winds ranging from 111 to 135 MPH.


The tornado then passed through Roscoe, NY, with more uprooted trees, before finally lifting as it moved into Rockland, NY.


Gunther added, “The telephone poles were snapped like toothpicks from up and down the road…Gov. Kathy Hoko, please pay attention to us. I have people that are farmers. They’re not usually that rich. So we need a lot of financial help to rebuild that area.”


According to the weather service, The Sullivan County Emergency Management, members of the volunteer fire departments in Roscoe and Callicoon Center, the New York State Office of Emergency Management, and local residents assisted during this tornado event.


Bose said he was proud on how everything from first responders to tree cutters worked through the night to help rebuild infrastructure for telephone and internet. 


“Big shout out thanks to everyone you know, that goes for even the telephone and the landlines the spectrum getting cable back up. I just gotta say thank you and really appreciate much of what they do,” added Bose. 


A Go Fund has been started to help aid in the rebuilding efforts for Apple Pond Farm: 





After the Devastating Tornado, Apple Pond Farms Faces Severe Damage in Sullivan County

Photo by: Clay Banks



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