Radio Chatskill at 10 A.M. “Going to campus yesterday was absolutely terrifying,” & Meg McGuire, founder & Publisher of Delaware Currents & Sounds of Jewish Culture

Radio Chatskill is WJFF’s locally-produced magazine program, featuring the voices and stories of community members throughout the Catskills and Northeast Pennsylvania.

Today on Radio Chatskill: -Leigh Dodson, Adjunct Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at SUNY New Paltz Leigh joined 309 students, staff, and community members in signing a petition calling for the college to allow professors to take steps to minimize the number of students in classrooms, decrease risk and create more safety protocols in classrooms.

-Meg McGuire, founder & Publisher of Delaware Currents, the news magazine about the Delaware River and the people who use it.

-Sounds of Jewish Culture Part 1 and Sounds of Jewish Culture Part 2! Saturday (at 4:30pm) and Sunday (at 3pm) in Hurleyville at HPAC.

Radio Chatskill:

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