Radio Chatskill at 10 am with Catskills Pride and The Reporters Roundtable

Radio Chatskill at 10 am, Live, local conversations focused on arts, history, and current news.

On today’s show, Catskill Pride: What About PReP? With guests, Dale Blagrove, Host & Dwayne Brown, President of Catskills Pride Dr. Kris Bungay Brian Erlwein.

Also on the program, The Reporters Roundtable with Patricio Robayo WJFF’s Patricio Robayo sat down virtually with four local reporters, Liam Mayo of the River Reporter, Chris Rowley with the Shawangunk Journal, Joseph Abraham from the Sullivan County Democrat, and Phillip Pantuso from The River News Room.

The Reporters Roundtable discusses the recent vote for the Sullivan County Leguissture Chair, Opioids, Cannabis, and more…

Listen On-Air, Online, On Your Smartphone, and On Your Smart Speaker! The Local Edition:

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