Sullivan County has seen a spike in evictions



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In many rural upstate communities, eviction rates are higher now than before the pandemic. Places like Liberty, in the Sullivan Catskills, have been hardest hit due to a lack of housing supply at multiple income levels.

Since New York’s eviction moratorium expired last year, rural eviction rates have soared above pre-pandemic levels.

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This story is part of a reporting partnership between Radio Catskill and The Times Union exploring the housing crisis in rural communities. 



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2 thoughts on “Sullivan County has seen a spike in evictions

  • Danielle m lindsay

    Its more then just liberty and it aint only ova hardship its slum landlords who evict people for no reason my family was amongst that list we had taken our landlord to court had a strong case but lost due to judicial misconduct im not done with that court case i made a complaint on the judge and will do what it takes to get justice because of this we went homeless for 7 months landlords need to be shut down this caused health issues made some worse and our kids missed so much school plus the irs wont give us our 2018 tax return so now i can catch up it never ends this world is shit that most if us except the rich sucks and always will the dems have to win to make shit better the Republicans will always be in the way and in there own way thats why we lost our casee im from wurtsboro alot of people in that town are Republicans and racist so cant wait to move out of NY its a trap

  • Lisa Acton

    I lived at the Delano dba Liberty Villas. I was there for 12 years, having inherited a mobile home from my mom, who owned and lived there for 14 years before she passed away. The new owners took me to court for non payment of rent, even though I paid my rent every month in full even thoughout the pandemic. When I produced proof of payment he suddenly “found my money orders. I finally gave the mobile home to my son and moved into senior housing. This landlord is NOT from here and he is using our court system to clear the property. There’s nowhere for those who have been here forever to go. WE ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE VOTED HERE , WORKED HERE AND PAID TAXES HERE. Why are outsiders being allowed to do this? Why aren’t those who have been elected by us not standing up for their constituents, and why are we, the people allowing this to continue